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Importance of Quality


Our supplier of meats is a family owned farm based in the Midwest. They have been in the meat business for over 100 years. Your steaks are custom cut by our team of highly trained cutters. 


The intense internal marbling that you see in our product brings out flavor that is second to none. The tenderness and juiciness of our steaks is what keeps our customers coming back for more


Our core value at Weiss Provision Company is product safety. We are a USDA inspected facility and take pride in the food safety protocols that we adhere to on a daily basis to insure only the freshest and safest products. 

All the stuff we got from you that we have had so far has been excellent. You folks have great products. I was telling my wife that one of the positive things from all this is that I found us a new “butcher”!

Jonathan B

Everything was perfect. Filets are best we ever had and ground meat made the BEST burger. I am usually a bit weirded out by ground meat and it was perfect and delicious.

Erin N

It was amazing. We can’t thank you enough and look forward to future orders as well.

Rita R


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